Historic Rome, enchanting Venice and picturesque Taormina. Bask in the luxurious delights of truly unique suites, restaurants, pools and bars.


Our selection of prestigious hotels can provide individually tailored services and attention to your desires. Quintessential Italian hospitality will make your dreams come true and the expert, attentive staff will make you feel at home here in Italy.


Discover the stories and legends behind buildings, arcades, bridges, and churches. Discover the sparkle of history in the architecture, frescoes, and local culinary traditions. Shroud yourself in centuries of Italian history and make Italy part of your own life story.


Our hotels are settled in the most evocative locations of Italy and are part of the charm that the territory has to offer. As well as getting the chance to explore breathtaking destinations, our guests are enveloped in the very essence of beauty.

A memory forever sculpted in their hearts.


Italian Journey

Italy is a treasure trove of History; Art and the landscapes that inspired it; delicious cuisine based on simple, age-old recipes; and the celebrations of love in Poetry written between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Your journey will run a thread through these pearls, making them into a real jewel.


Exquisitely entwined lights and canals

A host of bridges and squares among narrow streets and majestic views. Stay in the peaceful Ca’ di Dio, a historic building that looks out on the Grand Canal, just around the corner from Piazza San Marco.


The Great Beauty

You will adore the blend of art, history, and nightlife in the Trastevere district, which is renowned for its artists and cuisine. Visit Rome and stay in the Donna Camilla Savelli, a Baroque former convent.


Art and natural wonders

Let your eyes wander from the slopes of Mount Etna down to the ancient Greek theatre and on to the blue sea. Next to the vast Mediterranean, hear the cicadas serenading the guests of the Mazzarò Sea Palace and Atlantis Bay hotels.

Black Friday

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Sicilian Summer

-15% off on your stay at Atlantis Bay

Discovering Rome

-15% off on your stay at Donna Camilla Savelli

Black Friday

Up 50 20% discount on your next vacation

Sicilian Summer

-15% off on your stay at Atlantis Bay

Discovering Rome

-15% off on your stay at Donna Camilla Savelli

“We found ourselves in a corner of paradise with extraordinary attention to detail. Total relaxation, high level of cuisine, and maximum courtesy from all the staff. Sympathy and professionalism, a winning combination! Splendid location just a few minutes from Taormina thanks to the cable car a few steps from the hotel. “

Alessio, a guest at the Mazzarò Sea Palace

Mazzarò Sea Palace

“We came back this year for the second time, and we found an even more beautiful and welcoming structure. The wonderful terraces of the rooms are a strong point of an elegant, sober, and well-kept hotel. If the goal is to spend a holiday immersed in a place wonderful without giving up rest and elegance this is the right place. “

Valentina, a guest at the Atlantis Bay

Atlantis Bay

“The hotel is located in an ancient monastery in the Trastevere district of Rome. The structure is really beautiful and well restored, cared for by professional staff. Admire the city from above, observe the ancient treasures inside and have an aperitif in the internal garden. Everything is surprisingly beautiful and cared for. “

Vincenzo, a guest at the Donna Camilla Savelli

Donna Camilla Savelli